Be very afraid!

Scary Human Skull, Crying Blood

Here’s to Halloween, the go-to date for all things spooky. I find it to be the perfect excuse for binge-watching horror films, from The Universal classics to the modern haunted house flick, and especially the rich Technicolor of the Hammer films.
It’s also an ideal time for reading ghostly stories late at night. This year, I’m thrilled (and chilled) to be a part of Hair Raising Tales of Horror, an anthology of scary stories edited by Melissa Algood and Chantell Renee. Within these pages are twenty-one short stories by seven writers (myself included), guaranteed to be… well, hair raising. Other contributors include Jessica Rainey, D. Marie Prokop, Patricia Flaherty Pagan, and Mark Harwell, along with Algood and Renee. To be read on a dark and stormy night.


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